Audio Solutions

Introduced to sound engineering through my musical background, from age 15 I was learning how digital sequencers and simple wave software worked before studying Music Technology at A-Level, where I was introduced to a variety of audio engineering principles such as microphone types, basic production principles, and recording my first full multitrack production by age 17.

School, College and University...

Enrolling at Islington Music Workshop in London set me on the path to a professional career in audio engineering through the study of professional mixing in both the analogue (SSL G+ console) and digital (SSL Matrix) domain. I also gained extensive knowledge in sound design techniques, using synthesis and sampling.

Working with both multitrack music projects and sound to video, mixing and mastering became a big strength, and something for which I had natural flare.

Having gained a diploma in Sound Recording and Music Technology, the next three years were spent gaining a degree in Live and Studio Sound from Southampton Solent University.

Studying acoustics, live sound, film sound including foley, atmospherics and music, location recording, comprehensive post production with the use of dynamics and effects, as well as many other areas.